Festival Fashion

If, like me, you missed Glastonbury last weekend then do not worry, I’m going to give you all the gossip on the most important thing about the festival – the fashion.

Not only is Glastonbury the world’s most iconic music festival, it is also a catwalk for celebrities to showcase their style for all the world to see. This year saw a divide between the traditional denim shorts, floral prints and wellington boots and the more urban 90s grunge look.

ay_113163667 cara

Alexa Chung is my style idol and Queen of festival fashion so it comes as no surprise that she pulled off the festival look to a tee. This year Alexa kept it classic and simple with a beige coat, skinny jeans and wellies. Fashion icon of the moment Cara Delevingne rocked a more hippy, grunge look with neon prints and beanies. Both looked great.

My favourite festival accessories this year are flowers. They are everywhere – floral headbands look fab and are perfect for taming wind swept festival hair. Add flowers to everything – your clothes, your backpack and even your wellies.

There are so many amazing festivals all over the UK throughout the summer and The Liberty is your one stop shop to get festival ready this summer.

Alexa edit
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